Finding Dirt Cheap Airline Flights

It has been all over the news that airlines have started charging a fee for the second bag checked at the ticket counter. Some airlines have even started charging for the first bag checked. You may need to travel for a family gathering, or you may want to be able to relax on a beach somewhere listening to the waves. No matter why you need to travel, you may be wondering how you can get really cheap air tickets.

If you are flying for a family emergency, you may not have much flexibility in when you choose to fly. However, others who are planning a trip may find that the cheapest airline fares are during the week. If you plan your vacation to leave on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, you are more likely to find really cheap air tickets. When your vacation is for a full week, you can fly out on a Thursday and return on a Tuesday for an extra long weekend to take advantage of the mid-week airline discounts. The more flexibility in your travel plans, the better your chance of finding really cheap air tickets. If you live near several different airports, you may want to check airfare at each of the different airports to make sure that you choose the cheapest airport as your origination point.

When Do You Buy Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets?

When you are checking for the cheapest airline flights, you will find that the price of the tickets varies according to the day you make your reservation, sometimes even varying according to the time of day when you make your reservation. Since most people make their airline reservations at night or on the weekend, you may find that you can get a lower price on your airline tickets by making your reservation during a weekday, especially on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. It used to be that you needed to buy your airline tickets at least twenty-one days in advance to get the best prices. With the newer reservation websites, this is not always the case. However, waiting until the last minute is not usually a good idea. Since airlines are cutting back on the number of flights each day, you may find that if you wait too long to make your reservation, you will be unable to get a seat on the day that you want, or even during the week that you want to fly out.

Dirt Cheap Airline Fare Websites


There are many websites out there that advertise they can get you air line tickets cheap. Not all these websites live up to their advertised promises. Your best bet is to compare the prices on several websites. To save time, you can find websites that will compare several different travel websites. For example, if you go to the ShermansTravel.com website, they start the search for dirt cheap airline flights on their website, but they link to other websites like CheapTickets.com or Orbitz.com, among other websites. The link to these other travel websites is an external link, meaning that you will actually go to the CheapTickets.com website when you click the link. Going through a travel website like TripMama.com or ShermansTravel.com will allow you to save time by typing in the search information once. When you check on the websites that advertise dirt cheap airline flights, your search information is already there, and your results will come up.

Other Tips For Dirt Cheap Airline Flights


If you are going on vacation, you will find that you can find really cheap air tickets if you choose to go in the “off season.” For example, if you want to take your family to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, you will find it is more expensive to fly around the holidays in November and December. The summer is considered the “off season” to fly to Orlando, FL, because it is assumed that fewer people would want to go there when it is warm, instead of going to Florida when it is freezing outside.

When you are looking for dirt cheap airline flights, you will want to compare the prices for several different airlines. This is why you want to go to a website like HotWire.com or Orbitz.com. These websites compare and list the prices for several different airlines. CheapTickets.com allows you to choose “flexible dates,” so you can choose really cheap air tickets within the date range that you set.

Finally, some airlines like Southwest Airlines do not allow their ticket prices to be listed on travel websites. Instead, you will need to go to their website to check if they are running any specials. Though Southwest mostly goes to bigger airports, you can find dirt cheap airline flights through their website.

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