Advantages of Renting a House

When you are planning a vacation on the beach, you have several options. The first option is to rent a hotel room on the beach. If you have more than just one or two people, this option can get expensive. The second option is to rent a beach house. There are many cheap beach house rentals that you can find if you do an Internet search.

Renting A Hotel Room Or Suite

With a traditional hotel reservation, you will need to reserve separate rooms for each person or couple. Depending on the hotel you choose, you may be able to rent suites. However, most hotels price their rooms per person or couple. This means that if you have a child or several children staying in the room with you, you will have to pay extra for each child. Even if you rent a suite at a hotel that has rooms with a kitchen, neither the refrigerator nor the cabinets are very large. As a result, you would have to make multiple trips to the grocery store for your groceries for the week, or you would have to eat out more often which can add up to more money spent on food over the course of your vacation.

Renting A Beach House

Cheap beach house rentals allow you to rent a beach house for less than the total you would pay for the hotel rooms for your group. Renting a beach house will give you multiple bedrooms, enough for each member of your group. This allows you to travel with friends or other family members, giving everyone a less expensive beach vacation. Another advantage to renting a beach house is that you are guaranteed to have a kitchen where you can cook your own meals, with a large enough refrigerator that you can purchase all your groceries in one trip.

You can choose a beach house that has its own beach. With a private beach, you won't have to worry about other people's children running wild and getting sand all over you while you are trying to sunbathe, or possibly running into your children and knocking them over. Plus, you don't need to worry that your children will do the same to someone else. If you are looking for a romantic getaway, you can find cheap beach house rentals with fewer rooms where you can spend time alone with that special someone, allowing you romantic time on the private beach without interruptions from other guests.

When you can find cheap beach house rentals, you will find that you can afford to stay in areas that you wouldn't have expected to be able to afford. You may find that you can afford a beach house rental in Malibu, California, or in the Florida Keys, but you couldn't afford to rent a hotel room in the same place. Since you can combine expenses with another family or several families, you will find that you can afford much better accommodations than you would be able to when renting a hotel room.

Comparing Hotel Rooms And Beach House Rentals

Though you may decide that there are amenities that come with renting a hotel that you cannot find when renting a beach house, there is the possibility of renting a beach house with many of the same amenities. For example, many beach houses will have a game room, an indoor swimming pool, or wireless Internet access. In some cases, the beach houses will have access to community amenities like a golf course, a fishing pier, or a playground for children. A beach house would also have amenities like a washer, dryer, and dishwasher, to make cleanup easier. About the only thing that a beach house wouldn't have that a hotel would is room and maid service.

Advantages To Renting A Beach House

When you search for cheap beach house rentals, you will be able to find cheap beach house rentals all over the country. With the cheap beach house rentals, you will be able to visit different parts of the country for a lower price than if you traveled from hotel to hotel. Additionally, you will be able to do your own laundry, and make sure that everything is exactly how you like it to be without relying on anyone else for your enjoyment. If you like to cook, you can cook all your own meals without having to worry about not having the counter space to make your meals, or you can even grill some of your meals. If you don't like to cook, there will always be restaurants in the area in which to eat. In many cases, renting a beach house will allow you to stay in a house that is more luxurious than any hotel you would be able to afford.

Cheap Beach House Rentals

Cheap beach house rentals are always nice luxuries to have during vacations. However, the increasing number of tourists heading into the peak season means that you are up against other searchers looking for the best rental deals. Beating them to the best beach house rentals in your selected destination is not an easy task. Although you can settle for any vacation house in your choice destination, there will always be that set of homes that are superior over other homes. Finding these cheap beach rental homes means fighting tooth and nail over other guests. It helps to become a fast and smart searcher, so you can book your choice home as early as you like. Let us look at some tips that will help you score cheap beach house rentals.

Plan Ahead

Beating other guests to these homes includes having a good plan going forward. Having a rough plan already means that you have edged out other vacationers who do not have a plan, which is the majority of them. It is ideal if you organize your vacation as early as possible. If you can plan your vacation a year early, you can schedule homes that are not in demand for the following year. If you do not plan early enough, you will get caught up with other guests as the peak season arrives.

In planning a vacation, clear your schedule ahead of time. When you start early, you can be more flexible with your schedule since other engagements around your vacation date are not filled up yet. If you plan abruptly, you have to contend with your immediate obligations. The best cheap beach house rentals also book up fast, and once you have a date reserved, it is almost impossible to reschedule your vacation. By planning early, you can match your daily schedule with your preferred reservation date.

Establish Your Destination

Once you have decided that you need a vacation, the next question is, where? Destinations have their own peak and off-peak season. Off-peak months mean cheaper beach house rates, but a higher chance that your trip will be botched by bad weather. On the other hand, peak months go at a heftier price, but you also have all the shops open for you along with the energy of the people during these months.

Not all destinations have cheap beach house rentals. If cost is a concern, look for beach destinations where you can take advantage of a weaker currency. Beach houses in the Philippines, Thailand, and the Maldives offer the best destinations for the buck, but if you prefer a nearer destination, the Caribbean and the Riviera are good choices. The choice of your destination depends on the experience that you want to have, cost constraints, distance, and time.

View Multiple Markets

The Internet is the best place to find cheap beach house rentals, especially if you want a vacation abroad. The best way to have a feel for the pricing is to sift through numerous property listings and feel out the cost against the amenities they offer. Property listings have a different way of treating their prices – some beach house rentals have a premium on an amenity or feature that is not highly considered in other destinations. For example, seclusion may come with a premium in the Riviera, but not necessarily in Thailand. The location of the villa compared to other tourist spots is also considered in the price premium.

After selecting from a wide gallery, it is best to talk to the agent by phone, so they can explain to you each detail that you need. Looking at pictures and reading through amenities is not enough. There is ground information that you won't get by looking at a beach house offering. It will be much better if you have a personal contact in your choice destination since they can arrange much cheaper beach house rentals for you.

Signs Of A Bad Rental Website

Not all cheap beach house rentals are beds of roses. A lot of fake polish can be added to a web gallery that misleads potential takers. With various vacation rental websites, it may be hard to distinguish the good from the bad, but there are sure-fire signs that you should watch out for.

Stay away from poorly organized websites. Some listings have a large database, but if it is not properly organized, it could mean that the agents do not know what they are selling. Make sure that every property has a comprehensive picture set. It is easy to patch out a couple of pictures to present a wrong idea of the property. The website should be easily navigable and have “offline” contact details readily available. In searching for cheap house rentals, being Internet savvy is a great plus.

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