Five Reasons To Spend This Christmas in Hawaii

Have you ever wondered how much better the holidays would be if you spent them in a tropical place? No seasonal flu symptoms, no bundling and layering of clothes and most importantly, no shoveling the driveway. If you&'re looking for Christmas vacation Hawaii deals, then you&'re ready to spend the season relaxing on a picturesque beach with a frosty (no relation to the snowman) drink in your hand while you work on your tan. It&'s the greatest Christmas present ever. If you still aren&'t convinced, then here are a few more reasons to book the trip:

1. The heat

By mid-December, you&'re ready to abandon the heavy boots and gloves. Why not trade them in for a pair of flip-flops and sunglasses as you plan a family vacation to a tropical island. You can spend Christmas day snorkeling or surfing in the Pacific Ocean and you won&'t have to worry about coats, scarves or socks for the entire trip.

According to hawaiiweathertoday.com, the average temperature in Hawaii in December is around 80 degrees. Warm enough to fully enjoy outdoor activities while you celebrate the holiday season. There are a variety of outdoor Christmas concerts and shows to enjoy while visiting the islands. One of the best is The 12 Days of Christmas – Hawaiian Style, performed by the Hula Halau Na Pua U,i O Hawai,i at Hulihe,e Palace in Kailua Village, Hawaii. Check out this youtube video of the performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9gfccoU9ug

2. Escape the shopping frenzy

Everyone knows that malls and shopping centers on the mainland in December are crowded, noisy and can easily cause anxiety in even the most serene individual. If you&'re ready to ditch the useless spending spree of meaningless gifts, then research Christmas vacation Hawaii deals to score an amazing trip that will be a memorable and fantastic Christmas gift for your family and friends. They are certain to remember this present forever.

In case you&'re worried about the friends and family back home who you won&'t be seeing while you&'re on your tropical Christmas vacation, then make plans to hit up a few Hawaiian shops and score them some authentic island products and gear that they won&'t be able to find on the mainland. One of the most popular items to ship home to your loved ones is a box or two of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts. These affordable and delicious nuts are available all over Hawaii and are sure to make a thoughtful Christmas gift.

3. Escape the calendar

December has quickly become of the most over-booked months for families. With mom rushing one kid to piano recitals and dad rushing another to a holiday party, it seems nobody has time to spend together. Throw away the December calendar and book your Hawaii vacation where you can actually spend some time together and enjoy the Christmas spirit.
Beyond spending quality time together, you&'ll also be able to pass up the long lines at the post office, the mall and the grocery store. Not to mention several holiday parties that you dread all year long. This year, you&'ll have the best excuse for not attending, and you&'ll be enjoying every second with the ones who matter most – your family.

4. Be healthy

In most cases, December is one of the unhealthiest months of the year. We dine on cookies, candy and sugar-loaded hot drinks. Since it&'s so cold outside, we prepare warm comfort foods and wash it all down with another plate of dessert. It&'s what keeps us going in the winter.

Make this year different! By booking Christmas vacation Hawaii deals, you are singing on for a healthier month. Hawaii has tons of fresh fruit, fish and vegetables, they can grow year-round on such a warm climate. Enjoy the seasonal foods and leave plenty of time for walks on the beach, kayaking, boogie-boarding and swimming. In Hawaii, you don&'t have to hit the gym to exercise. You&'ll be in great shape after filling your day with fun and exciting activities.

Hawaii also offers state-of the-art spas for complete peace and relaxation. Pamper yourself this holiday by booking a massage or other spa treatment for you and your loved ones. The striking views and the gentle ocean tones are complimentary.

5. Be happy

It&'s very rare to hear of anyone talking about a trip to Hawaii without a smile on their face. Hawaii makes people happy. The warm sunshine, the beautiful beaches and the friendly locals all contribute to a great vacation destination. It isn&'t just the tourists who are so happy to be in Hawaii, even the locals love it. In fact, last year menshealth.com released an article that states the people of Hawaii are the happiest in the country – for the third year in a row!

If it&'s been a rough year for you – or even just a rough month, then it&'s time to find the best Christmas vacation Hawaii deals you can. Spend time with your family, which in Hawaii is central to everything they do. As they say in the popular kids&' movie Lilo & Stitch “Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” Enjoy watching your kids building sand castles on the beach, relax as you soak up the sun or feel invigorated as you go for a swim in the Pacific Ocean.

You&'re sure to bring some of the happiness of Hawaii home with you after your vacation ends, so don&'t delay in booking one of the best trips of your life. You won&'t regret it, and you might even end up making it an annual tradition after you see how much fun you can have in Hawaii, especially when you head there during the holiday season.

This year, it&'s finally time to give yourself (and your family) the ultimate Christmas present: a holiday trip to Hawaii! Before you book, do a little research on the internet. There&'s always a great price to be found, especially for popular destinations on the pacific islands and spending a little time researching Christmas vacation Hawaii deals will definitely pay off in the long run. So ditch the coats, gloves and hats and instead say Mele Kalikimaka which means Merry Christmas in Hawaii!

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