Last Minute Vacation Deals

While not everyone can get away at the last minute to take advantage of last minute vacation deals, for those who can, there are bargains to be had! One of the most important things to realize when you book a last minute vacation deal is that there are usually terms and conditions to agree to.

For example, if you end up canceling your vacation package, expect to pay a cancellation fee. In some instances, you won't get a refund for unused air travel, but you would receive a travel voucher or credit to use on future travel. Keep these things in mind when you book any vacation, last minute deals especially. It's important to realize, too, that when you book last minute vacation deals, this typically doesn't include any fees that the airline may charge, such as for baggage. Finally, read all the terms and conditions closely, as there may be restrictions as far as making any changes to your itinerary or cancelling the vacation altogether.


Travelocity's price for a two-night stay in Las Vegas, along with airfare from Dallas, Texas, is just $348 per person based on double occupancy. The hotel isn't the Bellagio, and most of the hotels offered for this price aren't even on the Strip, but some of them are, such as Circus Circus. For the person who wants to just have a quick look at last minute vacation deals, Travelocity seems to offer more than Expedia does. That is, when Expedia gives you a certain price, it provides the dates that go along with that price. Travelocity, on the other hand, provides a wide range of dates with corresponding prices. The amazing thing is that you can pay $200 more or less by just changing one date, so it really pays to go down the list of dates and choose the one that corresponds with your availability while offering you the best possible price. Check out their latest last minute vacation deals at http://www.travelocity.com.


Expedia.com is a comprehensive travel portal where you can find truly magnificent last minute vacation deals to and from various travel destinations. For example, a recent trip from Dallas to Las Vegas with a two-night stay at the world famous Bellagio Hotel was going for just $449 per person. That's a good price for airfare and hotel stay, especially at a 5 star hotel like the Bellagio. Once you click on the last minute vacation deals, you'll get a wide variety of information about the hotel, complete with reviews from past vacationers. You can also take a virtual tour of the hotel and look at pictures as well. The prices of the last minute vacation deals on Expedia are based on double occupancy, and they will vary based on when and where you travel.

If you are close enough to drive, you can get some killer last minute hotel deals on Expedia.com. For example, last minute hotel stays in Las Vegas are going for a mere $19 per night at the Four Queens Hotel and only $49 per night at Bally's. The best thing flexible travelers can do is to enter their email addresses at Expedia in order to be notified first when great last minute vacation deals become available. Look to see what they can offer you at http://www.expedia.com.


The price for a Las Vegas trip with airfare for two and a two-night hotel stay at Circus Circus is going for $376 at Orbitz.com. One thing different about this site is that it lets you know how many seats are left, in this case, on the American Airlines flight. This gives travelers an added hint, so if they are truly serious about the dates they entered, they know to scoop up the deal when it is offered. Keep in mind, too, that most of the last minute vacation deals are to exciting destinations or bigger cities, so if you are looking for a cheap flight to visit relatives in a mid-size city, you might be better off just searching for flights because you may not find a vacation package for your destination city. To see if a last minute vacation deal at Orbitz will work for you, visit http://www.orbitz.com.


Remember, too, when you book last minute vacation deals, you can often add on other things, such as rental cars and show tickets or tickets to other attractions in the vicinity. Instead of paying full price at the attraction when you get to your destination, plan to purchase the tickets when you book your vacation. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you live in a mid-size city and some of the more attractive last minute vacation deals are not offered from your city, consider driving to a nearby city where they are offered. Some of the deals you can get at the last minute are so economical that you would still save money even if you had to drive for a couple of hours each way.

What Does Last Minute Really Mean Anyway?

Last minute doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to suddenly pack up and travel this weekend. Some of the most economical last minute vacation deals at Expedia had travel dates for as long as four weeks out. That gives many people time to plan a vacation who wouldn't normally qualify for last minute deals. Do be aware, though, that many of the top travel destinations do have blackout dates for last minute travel, so you might not be able to get your favorite vacation destination at the last minute if it is New Year's or another major holiday.

Look Before You Book

While it is possible to make some changes to your last minute vacation deals, you will often incur a cancellation fee, and you may not get your refund placed back on your credit card. Instead, you may receive travel vouchers or credit for a later flight. While you can take advantage of some amazing deals this way, you do want to be certain that you will be able to take the trip before you book it. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to fully read the site's terms and conditions before you book. Although they are fair, knowing them ahead of time can save you a lot of aggravation.

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