Some Of The Most Exotic Vacation Packages On The Planet

There are a number of secluded vacation packages that can help you see something completely new and build new memories.

Some of the most spectacular places in the world
A few of the top secluded exotic vacation packages are listed below:

  • The Furnace Creek Resort is located in the heart of Death Valley, California. Death Valley has surprisingly pleasing weather in the fall months of November and October. The resort boasts a warm hot springs pool, a classy restaurant, and a variety of outdoor activities. Explore the desert on horseback, and spend the rest of the day relaxing by the pool. You can also go hiking or mountain biking on seldom-traveled trails solo. The resort is set against a spectacular desert backdrop. The juxtaposition between a luxury resort and an expansive desert is impressive in and of itself. The on-site spa can offer additional pampering on a truly exotic American vacation.
  • Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is located in the Central American rainforests of Belize. The honeymoon package offered is one of the most really exotic vacation packages available. Honeymooners or couples can stay in personal jungle lodges and listen to the sounds of the jungle at night. In the morning, vacationers can choose from a variety of activities. Unlike in the United States, attempting to hike solo would be next to impossible. Friendly guides can show you something new and exciting. Choose between rappelling down a 300-foot rock face through the rainforest canopy, horseback riding, or exploring caves with ancient Mayan ruins. Belize also is a great option for a dual beach-jungle vacation.
  • Thailand River Cruises provide the perfect mixture between the excitement of the big city and a slow chance to absorb cultural wonders. Thai river cruises are not held on ordinary cruise ships. Many couples can opt to either rent an entire river cruise boat or split the cost with a few others, all of who have private cabins. River cruises in Thailand provide a quality alternative to traveling by land or on a large and crowded vessel. Slowly float through Thailand, enjoy authentic food prepared by a live aboard chef, and stop periodically to soak in the natural and manmade beauty. These really exotic vacation packages offer something truly unique. As long as you are in Southeast Asia, you might as well explore other places in that part of the globe such as islands in the South Pacific and Vietnam.
  • The Cotton House is arguably one of the most exotic and luxurious resorts in the Caribbean. The resort is located on the island of Mustique, which is part of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Mustique has a unique blend of traditional Caribbean culture and ultra-luxury mansions owned by the rich and the famous. The dichotomous nature of the island creates a surprisingly harmonious vibe. Many Mustique mansion owners have decided to give back to the locals in the form of outstanding philanthropy. Staying at the Cotton House gives visitors a myriad of daily options. Experience remote, world-class white sand beaches, go to the local hangout (Lisa’s), or dine at the Firefly, a five-star restaurant. If Mustique gets a little small, the Grenadines are an island chain in the Caribbean that truly gives visitors the feeling that they are at the edge of the world.


How to choose the right vacation package
There is no single best vacation package for all adventure-seekers. Really exotic vacation packages can range from relaxing to adventuresome or anywhere in between. No matter what type of exotic vacation you would like, many travelers find the following tips helpful:

  • Do NOT lose your passport. A lost passport while traveling abroad can ruin an entire vacation. It is a good idea to make photocopies of all passports as backup in the event of a problem.

  • Relaxing or roughing it? You do not have to choose one or the other! Go for a daytime adventure, and have a short spa treatment followed by a beautiful dinner.

  • Try to only use carryon luggage. When preparing to spend thousands on a vacation, carryon bags can save a huge headache. Also, you can purchase new clothing once you get to your exotic destination. Support local economies, and get some really memorable souvenirs on you “philanthropic” shopping sprees!

  • Do not panic when airline problems happen. Relax and accept that you are practically helpless for the next few hours.

There is a really exotic vacation package for almost everyone and every couple
Almost all avid travelers can find a few really exotic vacation packages that can suit their unique needs. It is important to remember that vacation packages can be a necessity in certain developing countries. Plus, vacation packages can make everything more doable and more fun. Figure out what you want in your next vacation. You have plenty of time to get stamps on your passport. But, it is a good idea to travel while you still look good in swimwear and are easily able to scramble up rock faces or mountain sides. Add more excitement, adventure, and new memories to your relationship, and grow closer to your loved one with the perfect exotic vacation.

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