Quick Weekend Getaways

The pace of life today and the stress of our jobs, families, and finances mean that we all deserve the occasional break in the sun. Time is not always plentiful, so you may only be able to take a weekend, a long weekend if you are fortunate. This article is intended to let you know about some of the best options out there for you, both traditional and more innovative.

Relaxing On Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA is a beautiful, picturesque lake fed by vital springs. The best time to go is in winter when you can enjoy the vast range of colors within the natural ecosystem of the area. Although not a cheap getaway, there is a vast range of accommodations from high-end hotels to rural cabins, so you should be able to find the right options for your budget. Sailors will really enjoy exploring Lake Geneva. In the winter also, skiing and snowmobiling are possible. Check out www.allgetaways.com/view_destination.asp?
for more information.

Salsa Dancing In Cuba

If the English winter is getting you down, you could do worse than head for sunny Cuba, home of romantic revolutionaries and energizing culture. To add spice to your trip, why not do some salsa dancing under expert tutelage from Paul Bottomer, a coach on the hit BBC show Strictly Come Dancing. Learn the Colombian vallemato, Dominican meringue, and classic Miami moves. After two training sessions at a beautiful country house, you get to put all your moves to good use at a glorious evening dance. Breakfast and dinner are provided by the tour guide HF Holidays, while the afternoons are reserved for exploring Cuba. For more information, go to www.hfholidays.co.uk.

Romance At Chateau Elan

Only 40 minutes' drive from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, the Chateau Elan is a cozy and romantic quick weekend getaway. Enjoy an intimate meal and a great range of wines together, and if you need to go your separate ways at any time, there is a 63-hole championship golf course and an amazing spa offering individual treatments. Check this web page out if you are interested: www.vacationidea.com/weekend_getaways/

Creative Writing In Ireland

On a very different trip, you might want to attend a writing workshop in the awesome Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, run by a well-respected poetry editor. You will find yourself being taught about both the worlds of writing and publishing, although this quick weekend getaway is recommended more for beginner writers. A bonus is that the accommodation is situated in Doolin village, a center for Irish folk music. For more information, log on to www.rainbowhostel.com.

Sipping Champagne In France

Another great option among quick weekend getaways for those of you who appreciate fine wines is a trip to the great champagne producers Ruinart, Pommery and Moet et Chandon. If you are an active tourist, you can actually go down into the cellars and learn how to open a bottle of champagne using a sword – “sabrage.” For extra fees, you can add the luxurious dimension of four-course gourmet meals. The self-drive aspect of this getaway is also an advantage, so you can bring some bottles back with you. www.grapeescapes.net offer a package deal involving 2 nights' accommodation, the Dover-Calais ferry crossing, lunches, an English-speaking guide, cellar visits, and a private coach service.

Exotic Rajasthan

Taste the marvels and treasures of north India by making a quick weekend getaway to Jaipur. Stay in the Hari Mahal Palace heritage hotel where you will live in luxury like a king or queen. Each room is spacious and done in a particular indigenous pattern. It is a tranquil, leafy place in the middle of Jaipur city center. From the hotel, you can explore the bustling markets, temples, and fortresses of Rajasthan. Traditional puppet shows, folk dances, and themed dinners are arranged regularly. www.harimahalpalace.com.

Where To Find The Best Deals

www.weekendgetaways.co.uk – all the top destinations in the UK and Europe, whether you want an active, romantic, or cultural quick weekend getaway.
www.bargainshortbreaks.com – if frugality is your watchword, then this might be the tour operator for you.
www.roadtrip.co.uk/getaways - England, Scotland, Wales, Albania, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Channel Islands, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France.
- specialist in Asian weekend getaways.

Some Getaway Tips

As with all kinds of travel, quick weekend getaways require a certain amount of organization and preparation if everything is to go smoothly. You might also want to try to get the best deal for you. If so, observe the following tips: It's best to travel in the middle of the week or at off-peak times. Taking a getaway when other people aren't will mean cheaper prices and bigger savings. Try to book as early as you possibly can because the closer to the date of departure that you actually book the quick weekend getaway, the more cash you may have to shell out. Also, be prepared to be flexible vis a vis your travel plans by being prepared to change your departure and return dates, the class of hotel, your departure airport, or even your quick getaway destination. You will certainly save money by being amenable to these possibilities. Always get a range of quotes for the same kind of break, as no two quotes are the same. You might actually find quite big differences in prices from different tour operators, hotels, and airlines.

Conclusion: A Range Of Great Options

Despite increasing environmental issues with flying and the recession, there are still plenty of affordable and practical quick weekend getaways. Whether it's indulging your passion for writing in Ireland or chilling out at Lake Geneva, you should be able to find a weekend getaway that is within your price range and personal tastes. If you follow the correct tips as outlined in the section above and make use of all the Internet services such as vacation search engines, you'll really have no problem at all taking a break at a beauty spot somewhere in the world. Bon voyage and have a great time!

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