Sailing Around The United States

Chartering a private boat can provide a true sense of accomplishment. Also, the allure of the open sea can offer something for nature lovers and beach bar bums alike. The ability to watch the sun set while swaying gently on a mooring with you and your loved one is almost unparalleled.

How to get started

It is recommended that those with no experience sailing first take a short charter with a captain on board to see if overnight sailing vacations are something that would be of interest. After getting a taste of sailing, people that really want to get away from it all can earn a captainís certification. There are a number of different courses and formats to earn a captainís certification, which is usually a prerequisite for chartering a sailboat solo. Some certification courses can be taken in different parts, and others allow people to earn a certification in one week of sailing and coursework. Getting a certification will teach you how to successfully operate a sailboat, basic maritime law, and necessary safety drills. Once you are certified, you can charter a boat in the part of America that most appeals to you.

Popular sailing destinations around the United States

A sailing vacation is a different breed of exotic American vacations. You can choose total seclusion on the open water or stop periodically at buzzing harbors. In other words, you can often chart your course to have a good mix of tourism and almost total seclusion.

  • Florida is known for its beaches, sunshine, and crystal-green Caribbean waters. One common sailing trip can be the ultimate exotic vacation experience. It is fairly easy to sail from Fort Lauderdale or Miami down the keys. The sail from to Key Largo down to Key West has numerous stops along the way. Just beyond Key West lies the Florida Keys Natural Wildlife Refuge. More experienced sailors can enter international waters and go further down the Caribbean. Note that reaching the Bahamas requires an overnight sail, and many yacht charter companies do not allow overnight sails. The Florida Keys are also offer world-class scuba diving.
  • The Northwest Coast is a mecca for nature lovers. Sailing along the Northwest coast is a nature-lovers dream. Small towns on the route from Seattle to Alaska typically do not have beach bars, such as Gilbertís in Key Largo. The Northwest Coast can offer a comforting feel and a better breeze. Sailors can watch for whales and view natural wonders in a more secluded and laid-back setting. Do not forget foul weather gear when sailing in cooler climates.
  • The gulf and East Coast
    There are ample sailing opportunities in the Deep South. Starting a trip from Mobile, Alabama can give vacationers a glimpse of a very different culture before going out to sea and around the Gulf of Mexico. Sailing down the coast from North Carolina is also a popular route. These trips are generally more off the beaten path than sailing down the keys, but the weather is still warm.
  • San Diego to Hawaii
    You will set sail and let the trade winds take you halfway across the Pacific. Being in the middle of the largest ocean is about as secluded as you can get.

The sailorís curse

The sailorís curse is when a man in love with the sea falls in love with a woman who gets seasick. Fortunately, this lore is outdated. There are numerous types of highly effective medication for seasickness that can be prescribed by a general practitioner. These can range from pills that might cause drowsiness to a patch worn behind the ear. Get the most out of your exotic American vacation by having some seasickness medication on hand, just in case.

A new type of seclusion and freedom

Sailing offers an unparalleled take on exotic American vacations. Yachtsmen can explore the open sea as well as towns and small restaurants along the way. After a long day of tacking through the wind, you can find a gentle anchorage or mooring with your loved one and reconnect on a new level. You can often find your little 32-ft monohull on a big blue dot. You can find seclusion while watching the sun set slowly, and you can learn how to slow down your pace to match with the waves and weather. Many find sailing freeing. You can choose when you want to leave and where you want to go.

For the romantic adventurer

Chartering a boat is generally best for those that like a good adventure. As the saying goes, Sailing is hours upon hours of boredom punctuated by a few moments of sheer terror. Sailing offers a chance for vacationers to move from place to place without having to keep an eye out for the nearest rest stop or fast food restaurant. People have fallen in love with the ocean for centuries. One of the best parts of sailing is that the wind can take you where you want to go. You can choose to sail a short distance from San Diego to Catalina Island or go halfway across the Pacific to Hawaii. Find a better type of exotic American vacation, or simply find your calling and second (or shared) love.

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