Romantic Private Islands

Private islands are becoming one of the most sought-after destinations for honeymooners. Romantic private islands provide a different air of seclusion compared to other island and beach destinations. Couples can be completely alone and leave all their worries behind on a romantic private island. Since most private island vacations are enjoyed by honeymooners, these islands have secluded amenities and romantic natural settings to enhance their vacation.

Benefits Of Private Islands

Romantic private islands are a great choice for exotic romantic vacations if you are willing to pay the handsome tab. These islands provide the ultimate privacy. There is a difference between a private beach resort that is connected with other beach resorts in the area, and a private island that is only accessible by private boats or air transportation. With romantic private islands, security is rarely an issue. There is no traffic noise, no beach vendors, and no rowdy crowds that can ruin your vacation.

Private islands provide many unique services and extras that other island resorts do not offer. Some of these special arrangements include a private dinner set up for you anywhere on the island, secluded accommodations in a beach house or villa where the next person is miles away, and exclusive spots reserved on your time such as a picnic by a waterfall or barbeque in a secluded beach cove for just the two of you.

With all the customized amenities, services, and privacy given to couples, these romantic private islands do come at premium rates. However, with more private islands being developed for couples, they are slowly becoming a viable option for couples looking for exclusive yet affordable exotic romantic vacations.


Here are some of the most romantic private islands in the world.

Amanpulo, Philippines

Amanpulo, located near Palawan in the Philippines, certainly lives up to its name “peaceful island.” This romantic private island is known for its beautiful clear, calm waters, ocean breeze, and moderate climate. At times, the island is so quiet that you can hear only the sounds of nature in late afternoon.

The design and layout of this private island resort is inspired from the architecture found in other islands in the South Seas. The island is accessible by a special charter from Manila’s international airport. Once you are in the island, you have a choice of hillside or beachfront casitas, furnished with modern amenities, or a private villa in your own secluded paradise. Amanpulo has many of the same facilities and services that you can find in five star hotels including air-conditioned gyms, water sports equipments, tennis courts, spas, shops, and wi-fi access. The island offers fresh seafood and other dishes in a variety of cuisine including Spanish, Filipino, and Vietnamese.

Amanpulo is only one of the many private island resorts from Amanresorts. Other private islands owned by Amanresorts include Amanwana in Indonesia, Amanpuri in Thailand, and Amanyara in Turks and Caicos. You can go to the Amanresorts website for information on their other private islands (http://www.amanresorts.com/home.aspx?id=3202). Amanpulo definitely offers one of the best in exotic romantic vacations, having been in the business of private island resorts since 1993.

Jumby Bay Resort, Antigua

For exotic romantic vacations in the Caribbean, Jumby Bay Resorts is high on the list of private islands. Located only two miles north of the main island of Antigua, this small island of 300 acres is accessible only by boat from the Antigua airport.

Jumby Bay, named after the “jumbies” or mischievous spirits supposed to inhabit the island, is blessed with an abundance of exotic wildlife. You can walk freely to these wildlife reserves where sheep, white egrets, and blue pelicans live together undisturbed in the grasslands. Jumby Bay has two beach coves in the outskirts of the island. Since the island is only 300 acres, you can hike and see most of the island in a day or two.

Jumby Bay offers cuisine from all parts of the world, although the selections on the menus are primarily Asian, European, and Caribbean. Meals are usually served on open-air verandas, or you can have your romantic dinner arranged for you anywhere else on the island. Jumby Bay has a number of estate houses that serve romantic candlelight dinners. Jumby Bay has numerous activities such as snorkeling, scuba, sailing, wind surfing, and other water sports. This private resort is a good choice for exotic romantic vacations in the Caribbean.

Peter Island Resort, British Virgin Islands

Peter Island is one of the most popular private island destinations in the world. It is also one of the most expensive exotic romantic vacations you will find online. Peter Island is a quiet and unpretentious island spanning 1,300 acres. Much of the island remains undeveloped which adds allure to the place. The beachfront suites have modern designs, inspired from the elegance in British yacht designs, and there are other accommodations in hilltop villas.

Peter Island is perfect for couples who love nature. Popular activities on the island include snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing, biking, swimming, tennis, volleyball, and basketball. Couples can also take beginner diving lessons in preparation for a guided scuba dive. With so many things to do, Peter Island is one of the few exotic romantic vacations that will keep you busy and entertained with the many activities available in the island.

Other Notable Romantic Private Island Destinations

The three featured private islands above are not nearly enough to describe the excitement of private island destinations. For adventuresome couples, you can enjoy the exotic and romantic ambiance of Bora Bora in Sofitel Motu. This resort has luxurious individual bungalows, each nestled right on the beach. Lizard Island in Australia is a great place to stay for those who want to experience the Great Barrier Reef. Finally, couples can go to Malolo Island Fiji for romantic seclusion in the South Pacific.

Each romantic private island offers something different. Before you commit to a private island vacation, make sure you understand the cost that this kind of vacation entails. Although private islands are some of the priciest in exotic romantic vacations, couples are promised a delightful, unforgettable experience.

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