Exotic Romantic Travel Destinations

For many couples, exotic romantic vacations are the best way to celebrate their love and relationship. Exotic islands deliver a feeling of seclusion and privacy, sending a message that you and your loved one are alone and far away from the stress of real life. Exotic romantic islands are generally quiet, serene, and majestic; they bring out the venturesome side in couples.

Many casual tourists wrongly believe that all romantic islands are the same. While they may share the same characteristics, like turquoise blue water and white sand, each island has a different story behind them. At the same time, the culture of the people living on the islands makes the place unique.

Some islands have flat coral; others are wide atolls, and others have high volcanic hills, cones, and mountains. Some islands are all sand, while others have thick forest areas with waterfalls and abundant wildlife. These details give each island their own identity. A thorough research on what makes these exotic romantic vacations appealing to couples will go a long way in choosing the best romantic travel destinations for you and your partner. Let us look at some of the most romantic travel destinations in the world.


As one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean, Jamaica has a lot of stories to tell. This exotic romantic island is rich in history dating back to the dangerous European expeditions. Jamaica is known to many as the gateway to the New World, and you can still feel the excitement that European explorers felt when they first stepped on the island.

Today, Jamaica is known for its reggae rhythms, large expanse of beaches, tropical forests, and mountain hideaways. Jamaica is also the home of the Blue Mountains where the best coffee beans in the Americas are found. Once you are in Jamaica, you can start your tour with your partner by exploring the coastline and experimenting with the savory dishes of the island. Couples can sign up for exotic tours, hiking adventures, horseback explorations, and waterfall tours. After which, you can retreat to the top beach hotels in Jamaica and spend some intimate time together. Wherever you go in Jamaica, you will find the legacy of Bob Marley and the reggae culture. Jamaica is definitely one of the top choices among exotic romantic vacations today.

Cyprus And Malta

There is always something about Greek culture that excites couples. The antiquity and grace of ancient Greek civilization makes Mediterranean island destinations some of the most exciting exotic romantic vacations.

Cyprus represents the youthfulness of Greek culture. Known as the home of the legendary Greek goddess Aphrodite, Cyprus gives a romantic vibe in every corner of the island. Cyprus is a melting pot of cultures. Here you can find the harmony and chaos of European, Middle Eastern, Greek, and Turkish traditions, melding together in an energy that couples will undoubtedly love. Couples can also find the Paris of the Mediterranean in the streets of Limassol. This city has its own series of romantic sidewalk cafes and other exciting attractions for adventure travelers.

You will find Malta right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. This island has the same climate and atmosphere as Cyprus, but it also has its own story. Malta is actually composed of three islands: Malta, Gozo, and Comino. You will arrive at the port of Valleta in Malta, a walled city that was once the headquarters of the Knights of Malta. Here, you can find cobblestone streets and grand palaces. From the main island, you can go to Gozo where you can find the temples of Ggantija, believed by many as the world’s oldest monument, dating back to 3600 BC. You can make a dual tour of Cyprus and Malta and plan one of the most exotic romantic vacations that Europe offers.



For less expensive exotic romantic vacations, you can fly to Southeast Asia to the Philippine Island known as Palawan. This island holds “the center of” the world’s marine biodiversity. If you are looking for exotic romantic vacations full of marine safaris, the most stunning and heavenly beaches, and spectacular diving locations, this is your spot. Palawan also has the longest underground river in the world – the Tubbataha Underground River. If you are an extreme adventurer, you will find this place alive with exotic animals, forest cover, island and rock formations, and the best tasting seafood. After your Palawan trip, you can fly to Vietnam or Phuket, Thailand.

Galapagos Island

The Galapagos should not be excluded in any list of exotic romantic vacations. This island first became popular as the geographic muse that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Even before Charles Darwin, European discoverers noted the extraordinary strangeness of the island, which says a lot considering that these discoverers were always seeing remarkable things.

The Galapagos is part of Ecuador’s first national park. It is also remembered as one of the earliest pirates’ lair. If you want to find the oddest animal and plant species that will make you appreciate the work of Mother Nature, then Galapagos Island is for you. When you go there, be sure to take a picture of Lonesome George, one of the oldest giant tortoises and the last of his species in the world.

Exotic romantic vacations and island destinations are all over the world. It only takes an hour or two to find information on these islands and plan your vacation. If you are a new traveler, it is best if you take your time in finding the right island for you. Do you want a nature trek or a secluded beach? Do you want to discover the rich ancient culture or be greeted by miles of coral formations?

There is no shortage in exotic romantic vacations. If the selection above does not suit you, there are a lot more islands and exotic romantic vacations that will fit your tastes. Wherever you go, hopefully you and your partner will have a great time.

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