Top Romantic Travel Destinations

No matter what time of the year you travel, you will be able to visit a romantic travel destination. Romantic travel destinations can be found around the world, so no matter what type of vacation you wish to have, whether it is escaping the cold or just relaxing with some great scenery, you will be sure to find romance wherever you visit. Often, a great time of the year to unwind and bring out the romance is right after the holidays when you are finally done with stress and the bustle of visiting relatives. This season is great as you can find some fantastic travel deals to romantic travel destinations.

Some elegant and cozy romantic hideaways can be found at the Lodge at Torrey Pines located in Southern California. Your rooms will have gas log fireplaces, Tiffany lamps, exquisite artwork, and leather chaises. All the wood and natural light give off a warm and regal feel to the surroundings. You can play golf at their world-renowned course with the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean or relax away the afternoon at the pool. The Lodge is located just north of San Diego, and besides accommodation, you can enjoy a couples' massage at the spa and gourmet food at the Lodge's restaurant. The surrounding areas are perfect for romantic walks along the beaches or taking in the spectacular scenery from the cliffs.

No matter the time of year, you can experience a romantic travel destination in Boston. This historical city has it all, and you can benefit from missing the crowds by visiting in the autumn or winter. There is much to experience in the city such as the architecture and historic buildings and the beautiful neighborhoods with many public space and gathering points. The North end is a favorite in Boston and has many delightful shops and restaurants. You should definitely visit this Italian section. Walk Newbury Street and window shop the high-end goods and stroll through the Boston Common and Public Gardens. You can also visit Harvard and the many other universities that call Boston home.

Rockland, Maine is a popular romantic travel destination just north of Portland. Take long walks and listen to the waves crashing on the beach and stay at or visit the many Victorian mansions in the area. The town contains many excellent restaurants, art museums, and cozy B&Bs. Besides these great attractions, Rockland also has some fantastic pie. Take a trip up for their Pies on Parade festival and eat pie from morning until night. This is a great romantic spot that is still undiscovered as a travel destination.

Romantic Destinations Overseas

Having your honeymoon in Patagonia is the ultimate romantic trip. Patagonia is situated between Chile and Argentina. It offers a range of geographical and topographic scenery from the flat pampas to the emerald fjords and Parque Nacional Torres del Pain granite peaks. This is the ultimate for those active outdoor loving romantics that enjoy horseback riding at dawn or camping in paradise. You can also tour glaciers and find penguins along the coast. If you are not a camper, then spend some quality time at the many luxurious resorts that offer the comfort of 4-star accommodations and fantastic surroundings. Instead of forging through the crowds in Hawaii, have your honeymoon in Patagonia.

If you wish your romantic destination were more of a romantic adventure, then your next stop is Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Discover those mysterious and fascinating ruins that so frequently feature romance with tough leading men, think Indiana Jones. Angkor contains the ruins of the 12th century Khmer capital. You can reach this spot by flying to the French colonial town of Siem Reap. Tourism is popular here, so there are many accommodation and entertainment options. You will then spend about 4 days in the jungle to reach the ruins. The largest religious structure in the world is Angkor Wat and watching the sunrise is a truly amazing experience. The forest is home to over a thousand other structures, so take your time and uncover the hidden gems; you can follow a planned course or just get lost for a few days.

Costa Rica offers romantic rainforest destinations, as the volcano is frequently compared to women, fiery and unpredictable. The one-mile hike to the volcano brings you to the remnants of the volcano's last major eruption that is today filled with lush plants. You can then climb the rock pile to see the view. This spot is popular for proposals, though because of the ground, not everyone gets down on bended knee. The resorts at the thermal springs are the best places to stay and will offer you your fill of romantic activities and atmosphere. You can eat dinner surrounded by the sounds of the rainforest, soak your tired muscles at the spa, and enjoy your private bungalow accommodations.

Planning Your Romantic Travel

As with any travel to ensure you have the type of vacation you desire, a certain amount of planning and preparation will go a very long way. Just arriving in an exotic locale will not ensure a romantic trip. You need to make sure activities are available, and pre-booking is always a smart move. You do not need to plan every detail, but popular activities and certain excursions may fill up quickly. List what you want to get out of your romantic trip and then plan accordingly.

Besides traveling to one romantic destination, you should also investigate cruises. Cruises are great options as you can relax when sailing and then visit the many different exotic port stops along the way. Cruise honeymoons are always popular, and with so many different cruises and companies to choose from, you will be sure to find a great romantic cruise. If you are on a budget, then you should speak with a travel agent, as they will be sure to have the best knowledge on the best times to travel and any information on deals and travel sales.

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